Anime Music Videos

The 2010 AMV contest is now closed.

AMV Contest Rules

If you will be participating in the AAC AMV Contest, here are the rules:

Submission Rules

  1. All entries must have been created on or after October 15th, 2009.
  2. The deadline for submitting videos VIA MAIL is September 21st, 2010. The deadline for ONLINE SUBMISSIONS is October 1st, 2010 (23:59 EST). This is an "in our hands" date, any videos received after this time may qualify for Overflow.
  3. Anyone is allowed to enter up to two (2) videos into the AMV contest. However, editors attending AAC will be allowed to enter an additional third video if they so choose. You may not have more than one (1) video in the same category.
  4. Videos must be submitted with a completed submission form. If you're mailing your entries in, this form must be signed and dated. If you're submitting your entries through FTP, this form must be signed, dated, and scanned into either JPG or PDF. Please type out your info before printing - assume we can't read your handwriting.

Content Rules

  1. The video must be composed exclusively of anime produced in Japan and/or FMV footage from Japanese-produced video games. Exceptions to the 100% nature of this rule may be made on a case by case basis if warranted by pre-screeners and contest coordinator.
  2. Any audio source is allowed, including trailers and commercials.
  3. Videos must be a minimum of thirty (30) seconds and a maximum of six (6) minutes.
  4. Content must be suitable for an all-ages audience. Excessive profanity, excessive graphic violence, and gratuitous nudity are prohibited.
  5. Audio from the English dub of the anime is prohibited - this is a copyright matter and no exceptions will be made.
  6. Bumper screens, title screens, and opening/closing credit sequences are prohibited, as we'll be making our own title screens for the contest. If your video is submitted with any of the aforementioned adornments, they will be removed.
  7. Videos must not have the following: Watermarks (logos on the corner of the screen, as seen on Cartoon Network and other cable channels), subtitles (except those created for the video - you should be smart enough to know the difference), and other visual flaws that detract from the quality of the AMV. Any videos guilty of such will have Rule #8 automatically applied.
  8. Videos violating any of these rules will be disqualified from the contest at the discretion of the coordinator.

Technical Rules

  1. AMVs may be submitted via data CD, data DVD, or online transfer via FTP. Submissions on any other medium are prohibited.
  2. Your video must be encoded in one of the following formats: Uncompressed (only if you have to), Lagarith, HuffYUV, MPEG2, (H.264) MP4. No Quicktime, no RealPlayer, no WMV, no exceptions.
  3. Resolution must be 640x480 or higher. We prefer 720x480 with correct PAR.
  4. Audio should be PCM WAV (44.1kHz or higher), MP3 (192kbps or higher), or for MPEG2 video, Layer 2 audio (224kbps or higher)
  5. There must be two seconds of black at the beginning and end of each video.
  6. Filenames must be formatted as follows: EditorName_VideoName-AnimeSource-AudioSource.extension

Encoding advice can be found at:

Contest Rules

  1. There will be up to six categories this year: Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy, and Fun/Upbeat/Etc., and our theme category of "Horror"
  2. A category will require a minimum of four entries to be included in the final ballot. Should a category not receive four entries, its videos will be merged into other categories at the coordinator's discretion. We will attempt to keep categories balanced to around 5 videos each, but this may change due to the number of entries received in each category.
  3. The contest will last for a maximum of two (2) hours. Should more videos be submitted than can fit in the allotted time (or a certain category), finalists will be determined via pre-screening.
  4. Screenings will take place in Main Events on Friday night and Saturday morning, times TBA. Editors whom have submitted videos to the contest will be given priority seating, please note on the entry form if you will be attending AAC.
  5. AAC attendees will be given ballots at the door prior to the contest screening. The audience will be voting for their favorite winner in each category. The Best in Show award will go to the video that received the most total votes overall. In addition to the audience awards, there will be a judges choice award voted on by selected prescreeners and AAC staff prior to the convention.
  6. While editors can win multiple awards, videos are only eligible for one award. If a video wins Best in Show, it does not win the lesser award.
  7. Winners will be announced Saturday night during the Masquerade judging.
  8. If you win in the contest but are not at the awards ceremony, you may pick up your prize at ConOps before 3PM on Sunday afternoon. Afterwards, you may have it mailed to you.
  9. If you are not in attendance at AAC, you may designate a proxy on the entry form to claim the prize for you. He/She may pick it up from ConOps on Sunday morning.

Mail entries to:

Another Anime Con AMV Contest c/o Justin Corriveau
9 Arlington St.
Merrimack, NH 03054

For questions about the contest, the eligibility of your videos, or to request FTP access, contact the coordinator at

Thank you for entering and good luck!

Justin "BasharOfTheAges" Corriveau
AMV Contest Director, Another Anime Convention

Dan "dokool" Orlowitz
AMV Contest Assistant, Another Anime Convention