Staff List

Executive staff


Guest Relations

  • Director of Guest Relations
    Tim Gravelle -

  • Guest Relations Staff
    Matt Papajohn

  • Green Room Manager
    Karen Lamm



  • Director of Programming
    John Sussenberger -

  • Assistant Director of Programming
    Jason Spracklin

  • Programming Staff
    Pat Murphy
    Glen Dubois

  • Arts & Crafts Coordinator
    Kelly Fitzpatrick

  • Arts & Crafts Staff
    Lynn Hunt

  • Anime Music Video Contest Manager
    Justin Corriveau -

  • Assistant Anime Music Video Contest Manager
    Dan Orlowitz -

  • Manga Librarian
    Mark Coutu

  • Game Show Managers
    Ed Thomas
    Ken Irons

  • Cosplay Chess & Dating Game Coordinator
    Sarah Sassak

  • Stage Manager
    Ryan Pagella

  • Video Gaming Coordinator
    Merrick Rivero

  • Assistant Video Game Manager
    Beau Trembley

  • Video Game Staff
    Allison Icaza
    Craig Shifferdecker
    Pat Lamb

  • Table Top Game Room Staff
    Joe Pandolph

  • Masquerade Coordinators
    Christy Monczewski -
    Kathy Odom -

  • Masquerade Emcee
    Katy Hunt

  • Masquerade Staff
    Elean Varney
    Renee Legere
    Stephanie Nelson

  • Formal Dance Director
    Christy Monczewski -

  • Formal Dance Staff
    Elean Varney
    Renee Legere
    Kathy Odom

  • Tea Party Coordinator
    Elean Varney

  • Tea Party Staff
    Stephanie Nelson
    Christy Monczewski -
    Renee Legere
    Kathy Odom

  • Cosplot/Cosplay Panels Director
    Stephanie Nelson

  • Panel Programming Manager
    John Sussenburger -

  • Karaoke Coordinator
    Nikki Lewis

  • Dance DJ's
    DJ Tentacle Airship
    Space Basement
    DJ LvL

  • Video Programming Manager
    Kevin Rett -

Public Relations

  • Director of Photography
    Ashley Ball

  • Photography Staff
    Andrew Trider

  • Newsletter Editor in Chief
    Heather Rett

  • Graphic Designer
    Carl Grivakis

  • Program Guide Coodinator
    Carl Grivakis

  • Sponsorship and Advertising Manager
    Jessica Gavriel -

  • Webmaster
    Alex Gingerich -


Technical Operations

  • Director of Technical Operations
    Alex Gingerich

  • Main Events Audio Engineer
    Eric Fairbanks

  • Technical Staff
    Corey Boudreau
    Justin Corriveau
    Eric Fairbanks