Another Anime Convention 2017 Schedule of Events

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Please note the following color key, which indicates the event's age-appropriateness:

  • All Ages
  • 13+ Events
  • 16+ Events
  • 18+ Events (Strictly Enforced)
  • 21+ Events (Strictly Enforced)
  • Closed to Attendees

Some rooms, including the Manga Library, Parent Lounge, Video Game Rooms, and Concessions are not listed on this schedule. For the most part, these rooms are either open all day or stick to a very narrow schedule.

Salon D is our primary Arts & Crafts room. The schedule will be updated for that room closer to the convention.

This schedule is dynamic, and constantly updated by our staff. Always make sure to check this page for the latest schedule.


Scheduled TimeMain StageSalon ASalon BSalon CSalon DHawthorneDartmouthFrostCurriersWebsterExpo RearExpo FrontHale
Friday 08:30 AM
Friday 09:00 AM
Friday 09:30 AM
Friday 10:00 AM Free Play AMVs
Friday 10:30 AM
Friday 11:00 AM
Friday 11:30 AM
Friday 12:00 PM
Friday 12:30 PM Autograph Session 1
Friday 01:00 PM
Friday 01:30 PM
Friday 02:00 PM Opening Ceremonies Friday Vendor Room Hours
Friday 02:30 PM
Friday 03:00 PMWin Lose or Draw: AAC Edition The Virtue of the Villian Just the Two of Us: Dating Advice with Korrasami Speed Dating
Friday 03:30 PM Life Drawing for Anime Artists Taken By The Gods Om Nom Nom AMVs
Friday 04:00 PMWriting, Adapting, and Directing with Tony Oliver AAC Jeopardy Championship Magic, Folklore, and Fairy Tales. Anime According to AMVs Autograph Session 2
Friday 04:30 PM Con Can Dos!... and don'ts Shane's Declassified Fandom Survival Guide How to Frankenstein a Pattern for Cosplay
Friday 05:00 PMCelebrity Lip Sync Battle Name That Nostalgia Bomb Youth OC Design Challenge Magnetic Tiles Formal Dance Setup
Friday 05:30 PM 30 (*cough* one cough*) years of magic: Jim Henson's Labyrinth Convention Prep Fan Fiction 101: The attack of the Mary Sues
Friday 06:00 PMProZD Q&A Session Anime for Autism Cosplay Rumble Snack Tasting Nations at Night Autograph Session 3
Friday 06:30 PMCon Photography 101 Fantastic Beasts and Where To Fight Them
Friday 07:00 PMAAC 18+ Match Game Sailor Moon Panel Lolita 101 Translating Japanese using the internet for bakas Room Closed Room Closed Pure Imagination (Formal Dance)
Friday 07:30 PM Big Anime Tears: Anime to Make You Cry
Friday 08:00 PMDeal or No Deal: AAC Edition Cards Against Humanity The Unofficial Gameshow Dramatic Fanfiction Reading Ice-Breaker Meet and Greet Friday Night Karaoke
Friday 08:30 PM Nobody Expects the Inquisition (Dragon Age Edition)
Friday 09:00 PMAnime Music Video Contest Friday Showing Reading Ranch Live! Educating Sherlock: Murder on the AAC Express Oktoberfest Setup
Friday 09:30 PMSuffering Sapho!: A Brief History of Wonder Woman.
Friday 10:00 PM18+ Dating Game Nerdfit Game Theatre: The Quackening Pick n' Paint a Miniature Conceptual Drawing Class Oktoberfest
Friday 10:30 PMTales From the Table Escape the Panel
Friday 11:00 PMDrinking & Dragons: Can orcs kegstand?
Friday 11:30 PMWTF 101 18+ Sin's 18+ Artist's Cafe BNHA: Back to school cram session
Saturday 12:00 AM
Saturday 12:30 AM


Scheduled TimeMain StageSalon ASalon BSalon CSalon DHawthorneDartmouthFrostCurriersWebsterExpo RearExpo FrontHale
Saturday 08:00 AMMasquerade Tech Rehearsal Masquerade Judging
Saturday 08:30 AM
Saturday 09:00 AM Yard Sale/Swap Meet Block A Saturday Vendor Room Hours
Saturday 09:30 AM
Saturday 10:00 AM AMV Contest Saturday Showing
Saturday 10:30 AM Anime 101: Isn't Otaku a kind of Sushi?
Saturday 11:00 AMAAC Cosplay Newlyweds Japanese Onomatopoeia! (Wai Wai!) Balloon Twisting Danganronpa V3 Ask Panel
Saturday 11:30 AM Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Digital Manga: A Guide to Buying and Renting Manga From the forest: Mori and Strega 101
Saturday 12:00 PMWho Wants to be a Millionaire? Anime Style! Universal Famicom: No Translation Required: Part 1 Photo Session with Guests of Honor
Saturday 12:30 PMCosplay Dating Game Paint a Potholder Introduction to Cosplay Singing & Recording
Saturday 01:00 PMA Mighty Morphin Panel: Power Rangers--How It All Began RWBY: Is It an Anime? AAC Youth Double Dare AMVs on Stage Autograph Session 4
Saturday 01:30 PM Supernatural Trivia Quiz! Goddesses and Totoros How to make Wings
Saturday 02:00 PMYouth Are You Smarter Then A Weeaboo? Crossover! Fandom Improv In-Character Competition Bad Advice with Gorillaz Plushie workshop Why is Urban fantasy important? A conversation with Sarah Rees Brennan and Seanan McGuire
Saturday 02:30 PMLeetStreet Boys 2018 Rooster Teeth 101 Translating Anime and Manga The Wonderful World of AMVs Autograph Session 5
Saturday 03:00 PMPassword: AAC Edition Death Match The Inter-Fandom State Alchemist Exam Creating Weapons on A dime Women in Anime
Saturday 03:30 PMMaking Music with an NES and a Gameboy REAL NINJAS! Youth Death Match
Saturday 04:00 PMMasquerade Setup Anime's Culinary World Autograph Session 6
Saturday 04:30 PMSteampunk Arts & Crafts Music Composition For Media Creepers: How to avoid them and not become them! 2017 Wonder Women, Super girls, and Villainous Vixens: A history of women in American Superhero comics.
Saturday 05:00 PMVoice Actor Q&A Trivia Strike: AAC Edition
Saturday 05:30 PMSand Art Food Farewell Fairy Tail Steven Universe Fan Panel
Saturday 06:00 PM Super Smash Brothers Tournament BOTW what we love... and what we hate ?!?!
Saturday 06:30 PM Yaoi Manga Is So Expensive!
Saturday 07:00 PM2017 Masquerade costume contest AAC Ninja Warrior Setup Parasol painting Parasol Painting
Saturday 07:30 PM So you wanna write a webcomic
Saturday 08:00 PM Speed Dating 5: I Can't Believe They Keep Letting Us Do This Saturday Night Karaoke Artist Portfolio Reviews
Saturday 08:30 PMSin's Artists Cafe Cosplay Unmentionables IV: A New Joke
Saturday 09:00 PMAAC Top Ninja Warrior
Saturday 09:30 PMWicked Anime Presents: Hardcore Anime Yuri? On Ice Let's Make A Hentai!
Saturday 10:00 PM Boss Battles: The Waifu Wars 18+ Whose Anime Is It Anyways?!? AAC 2017 Edition with an Italian Twist
Saturday 10:30 PM Voltron 18+ Pajama Party Yaoi MadLibs RWBY New Episode Viewing
Saturday 11:00 PMBooty and The Beast Redpool Hypnosis 3: Return of the Toaster The Horrors of Fanfiction: Sonic's Chili Dog
Saturday 11:30 PMBaron's Ballzy Paint-off Beach Episode: Luau Party Dr Horrible Sexy time
Sunday 12:00 AM
Sunday 12:30 AM


Scheduled TimeMain StageSalon ASalon BSalon CSalon DHawthorneDartmouthFrostCurriersWebsterExpo RearExpo FrontHale
Sunday 08:00 AM
Sunday 08:30 AM
Sunday 09:00 AM Yard Sale/Swap Meet Block B AMV Contest Overflow
Sunday 09:30 AM Sunday Vendor Room Hours
Sunday 10:00 AM RWBY: Volume 4 [QnA + Truth or Dare]
Sunday 10:30 AM Super Mario Bros. 1: A Whole New World! Lolita Fashion Cool Japan
Sunday 11:00 AMCosplay Chess Chibi cookies Make Your Cosplay Work For You!
Sunday 11:30 AM Producing Animation Fancy Duckie's Declassified Guide: Anime Cons for Spoonie Cosplayers Costume Care & Storage
Sunday 12:00 PMAAC Card Sharks Social Anxiety: Conventions and Beyond "Your Mom vs. the Noobs" aka Otaku Mad Libs Tea Party Setup Autograph Session 7
Sunday 12:30 PM Anime Tropes Where? When? Why? Anime Mythology: The Third Impact Anime Name That Tune
Sunday 01:00 PMAdventures in Voice Acting Mini Workshop Youth Cosplay Epic!: A Cosplay Story Themed Game Show Anime Pass the Yen Game Show! Universal Famicom: No Translation Required: Part 2 Plushie Workshop - Overstuffed Art Review
Sunday 01:30 PMIntro to Josei A taste of Tea
Sunday 02:00 PMDance Off Monologue Madness Steampunk 101 Do YOU want to be a Paladin? Soul Sucking Snow Women: Mythological Horror in Anime: Chocolate Soiree (Tea Party) Autograph Session 8
Sunday 02:30 PMTheme Song Bingo J-pop happy fun time now
Sunday 03:00 PMWhose Anime Is It Anyways?!? AAC 2017 Edition Post Con Depression: Coping Skill and Techniques V2.5 Hang out with Yuri on Ice! Staffing anime conventions, and what to do when you get older?
Sunday 03:30 PM Dialogue Building
Sunday 04:00 PMClosing Ceremonies
Sunday 04:30 PM