Lisa Sussenberger –
Convention Chair, Treasurer

Jessica Gavriel –
Vice Chair, Secretary, Social Media, Sponsorship/Advertisements, and Press Passes

Jason Spracklin  –
Director of Programming

Carol Pandolph –
Artist Alley Coordinator and Dealers Room Manger

Timothy Gravelle –
Director of Guest Relations

Kevin Rett –
Security Manager

Michael Montanye –
Anime Music Video Contest Manager

Joe Pandolph –
Table Top Game Room Coordinator and Merchandise Table

Candice Campbell –
Director of Photography

Jill Sussenberger –
Director of Registration

Ed Thomas –
Video Game Tournament Manager and Video Games Director

Matthew McKenna –
Director of Game Shows

Elean Varney –
Formal Dance and Tea Party Director

Steph Nelson –
Masquerade Manager

Renee Legere –
Masquerade Manager

Xander Harrison –
Director of Technical Operations