Gather together with other fans for a cosplay group photoshoot from your favorite fandoms!

All photo shoots will take place on the back patio (Door leading to patio is located near the pool)
*Schedule is subject to changes. Check back closer to the convention for any updates.


11:00am Shield Hero

11:30am Spice and Wolf

12:00pm Hellava Boss

12:30pm Stranger Things

1:00pm Black Butler

1:30pm Attack on Titan

2:00pm Genshin Impact

2:30pm Kobra Kai

3:00pm Video Games

3:30pm Willow

4:00pm WWE Wrestlers

4:30pm Fire Force

5:00pm DC Universe


10:00am Ranking of Kings

10:30am Lore Olympus

11:00am Spy X Family

11:30am Disney

12:00pm Star Wars

12:30pm Demon Slayer

1:00pm Yu Yu Hakusho (30th)

1:30pm My Hero Academia

2:00pm Sailor Moon (30th)

2:30pm Pokemon

3:00pm Naruto (20th)

3:30pm Bleach

4:00pm Devil is a Part-Timer

4:00pm Bungo Stray Dogs

4:30pm Sword Art Online (10th)

5:00pm Horror/Halloween


10:00am Original Characters

10:30am Game of Thrones/House of Dragon

11:00am JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (10th)

11:30am Fruits Basket (21st)

12:00pm Way of the House Husband

12:30pm Critical Roll

1:00pm Marvel

1:30pm Final Fantasy

2:00pm Lord of the Rings Franchise

2:30pm Koboyashi Dragon Maid

3:00pm TV/Cartoon Series