Thank you for your interest in RO SHAM BO WORLD EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT TURBO EDITION, the Tournament of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. To enter, I need the following. The Character you wish to enter as. You may enter as yourself, no character needed, or as your cosplay name. 
As the theme of the event is similar to a Wrestling event, Entrance Music is reccomended. If you could please list either a YouTube link, or the name/artist of the song. Songs CANNOT have swears or otherwise provocative material. Additionally, you must have an introduction. This can simply be where you're "from", and feats of strength you or your Character have occurred. You may also list any social media here you would like to be called out during your Entrance. This will be performed the same way as when a Pro Wrestler enters the arena. (Joke entrances, as exampled by Orange Cassidy, is also fair.)