There are two versions of the Anime Dating Game at AAC. The main session is held Saturday morning, open to all audiences and participants.

Friday night is where things get steamy, the 18+ match opening its doors to the adult attendees.

Participants are free to sign up for either or both of the dating games, however the 18+ does get quite a bit more risque and the language more coarse, so please keep that in mind when you sign up.


Participants for the Anime Dating Game are chosen from attendees who sign up in advance.

All entrants must have their costumes 100% finished when entering and must provide:
   1. A reference photo of their character
   2. A photo of the contestant wearing the finished costume


Please submit photos linked to a third party image host such as Photobucket or Imgur and NOT a social media platform. If we are unable to see your pictures or you do not submit pictures, you will be disqualified from consideration.

Each game will have 12 participants.


Keep in mind

  1. You will be in the spotlight. If you are shy or do not know your character very well, reconsider signing up. You need to be heard, be in character, and be entertaining.
  2. You can specify which match you want to be in, but you MUST be at least 18 to participate in the 18+ match.
  3. You may submit several costumes for consideration, though all must follow the guidelines above.



You will be informed of your acceptance no later than October, 19th, 2021.

All participants are required to sign in at least two hours before the event at Masquerade HQ or else they will be replaced.


If you have further questions, please contact cosplay events coordinator at datinggame [AT] anotheranimecon [DOT] com 

Cosplay Dating Game Application

What character or characters would you like to submit for consideration? Please include the names of the series they are from and tell us if there is any character you'd prefer we pick.

Please provide a link to images of your costume(s) with you wearing it/them. Provide links to completed costumes only!

We will also need a reference picture of the original character(s).