At Another Anime Con, the Game Show Department works hard every year to give attendees a variety of game shows to test their knowledge and skills to win some fabulous prizes. From classics such as Jeopardy and Deal or No Deal to new games such as Trivia Strike and Funny You Should Ask, there is something for everyone at the convention! We also have some of our guests join in on some of the game shows as well for some more fun!

Contestants are chosen from the audience.


All Ages Games
Youth Track Games
Late Night Games 18+

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All Ages Games


Two preliminary games and the Sunday Finals (Signups closed)


Deal or No Deal

Two panelists. 26 cases. Contestants knock out cases until they come out BIG or walk away with a consolation prize. Either way, you walk away a winner. Come on down and test your luck!


Super Jenga

Test your might!...I mean skill at Super Jenga. Can you answer the call or will you put your skills to the test and keep the tower from falling.


Anime Millionaire

Who wants to be an Animillionaire? Back for its 9th year at AAC, come join the fun as we present to you the anime version of classic hit game shows!


Pass the Yen

Back for its 6th year at AAC, come join the fun and face off against other contestants in this fast paced game show to try and win some awesome prizes!


Weakest Link

Based on the popular game show of the same name, eight contestants start by working together to raise the pot by answering trivia questions. At the end of each round players are voted off one by one until the strongest link is found. Ask yourself: Are you the Weakest Link? 


Trivia Strike

Trivia Strike is ready to deliver another face paced game that combines the trivia of Jeopardy with the tension of Mario Kart/ 6 contestants test their knowlegde on pop culture topics and try to stop their opponents from beating them. can you survive long enough with skills & strategy to become #1?


It’s Always Sunny at AAC: All Ages Edition

The gang returns with AAC's spin on the FX series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Combining trivia, physical challenges, mental tests, over the top humor, and name dropping Danny Devito one too many times. This is the game to come to for all your anime and IASIP needs.


Funny You Should Ask

What is this game show? Well funny you should ask. Combining Hollywood Squares and Match Game, you don't get asked the questions, a panel does. Then it's up to you to decide if they're right or wrong. If you decision is correct, SCORE!


Reverse Charades

You know Charades? Well, prepare yourself for Reverse Charades. Instead of one person acting out a scene and a group having to guess, now one person has to guess what a group is acting out. Prepare yourself for laughs as we put your acting skills to the test.



Based off the British game show of the same name, Countdown comes to AAC for the first time! This new game show tests contestants skill in word and number solving with an anime and video game twist. Come test your deductive reasoning skills in this new game show! 


Anime Greed

AAC's Most Dangerous Game Show! Based off the short lived game show on the FOX network, team up with other contestants and take on the tower of greed to try and win some AMAZING prizes! But wait... is it really a team game?


Family Feud

"Families" from various Anime and Video Games compete in this game based on the popular game show. They will test their knowledge of survey questions in order to gain the most points and come out as the strongest family.


Youth Track Games

Are you Smarter Then a Weeaboo: Youth Edition

Part of our youth track (10-14) this game has 3 particpants test their anime knowledge against some expert level questions. however, they are receiving help from 3 past AAC Jeopardy Champions: Mathey McKenna, Alexis Ouellette, and Allen-Micheal Harbor. With the aid of some of the greatest nerd minds AAC has produced, they have a chance to win some excellent prizes!


Youth Cosplay Epic: Spy Vs. Spy Edition

AAC 2019 is all about secret & lies, so we are bringing that theme into our new game: Spy vs. Spy, Take on the role of a spy organization from anime and video games as you compete in minigames to outdo your opponents and win in this game of espionage and counter-intelligence. 


Late Night Games

18+ Match Game

18+ Match Game is back and the insanity is going to keep on rolling! Contestants test their knowledge against celebrity guests to see if they both can complete a certain phrase. There will be lots of laughs as we see how dirty minded our guests can get.


It’s Always Sunny at AAC: 21+ Late Night Edition

 Attention all Jabronis! it's Always Sunny at AAC is celebrating with a 21+ night event. A game that combines the excitement of Trivia and Physical challenges while also injecting bad humor and It's Always Sunny references that will fly over the head of anyone who does not watch the series. There will be drinks, so bring your ID and poor judgement. Come on over to compete, drink some Riot Juice, and come out a winner in the game only for a true Golden God!