2021 Cosplay Competitions

Craftsmanship Competition & Cosplay Film Festival

Our 2021 Craftsmanship Competition welcomes individuals and small groups to come in person to have their work judged and walk the stage in a fashion show. We are also introducing a NEW event The Cosplay Film Festival! For this event entries will record their performances (skits) and submit the video to be shown by category in a film festival style showing. We are excited to be able to offer this new event and look forward to what attendees will submit! 


AAC Cosplay Competitions 2021 Rules for Participation: 

  • By entering any of the AAC Cosplay Competitions you are agreeing that you have read, understand, and will abide by all the rules of the convention and event. Failure to meet all rules will result in disqualification and possible ban from entering future events.
  • No Convention Staff are allowed to enter the competitive portion of the competition. Even if the group leader is not staff. Staff are allowed to enter an exhibition skit.
  • Volunteers are allowed to enter and compete.
  •  To enter the Competition your character(s) must originate from a media source such as a TV/ Netflix series, film, video games, comic/ manga. This means no original designs. We will need source references during judging as accuracy/ recreation is part of the judging process. Please contact the competition Coordinators with more details or any questions.
  • No overly sexulized acts or inappropriate language will be allowed. This is a family friendly convention, please keep all presentations to a PG-13 rating. Failure to do so will result in an immediate disqualification and you will be put in jeopardy of being allowed to enter again.
  • All costumes must follow the convention dress code.


Craftsmanship Competition Rules

Cosplay Film Festival Rules

Craftsmanship Competition 2021:

  • Due to space limitations, the group size is being limited to 4 members or less for craftsmanship judging. 
  • All costumes and props presented for Craftsmanship/ Pre Judging must have been made by yourself or someone within your competing group. (Exception if your child is wearing a costume you made and you do not wear a costume.)
  • Costumes can consist of bought/ found materials that have been 75% or more altered. Example: Found a shirt at GoodWill, to use it for Judging you must alter it such as; dying, painting, alter the neckline, sleeves, and/ or hem line.
  • Any bought or commissioned/ unaltered parts of the costume will not be considered in Judging. If you are using any such parts please be up front with the judges.
  • If you try to use a bought piece or someone else's work as your own and it is revealed to the Judges/ Competition staff, you will be disqualified, striped of any award received, and future participation will be in jeopardy.
  • You are required to bring at least 1 printed reference picture of your character to Pre Judging/ Craftsmanship. You are welcome to bring a tablet or other device to show multiple pictures and progress work.
  • Progress pictures are not required, but are encouraged.
  • Please come 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled judging time to check in and be ready.
  • If you miss your time a new judging time is not guaranteed. You may be asked to come back at the end of the judging times and we will try to fit you in.
  • If you are involved with another event and would like a specific judging time we will do our best to accommodate you. Please make sure you notify the Coordinators if this is the case.
  • If you wish to participate in a Fashion Show style presentation of your costume you will be given the opportunity to do so on Saturday evening. Please come to the event space 30 min prior to the start of the event. Participants will be given seating, this area will be for participants only. Exceptions are if you require an aid for helping you on and off stage or a parent/ guardian for a minor participating. This area is limited so please let staff know if you will be needing an aid. We do have stage hands to help too. 
  • The Craftsmanship Competition has 3 skill categories, you must select one. If you have a mixed skill level group you will compete at the highest members level. Example; A group of 3 has 2 novice and a master members. The group would compete at the master level. You are always welcome to select a higher skill level than you qualify for. If it is discovered you are competing at a level lower than what you qualify for you will be disqualified.


Novice- No more than one major award won previously at a comparable-sized convention or larger for their costumes. These include “Best” awards and placed (2nd or higher) awards. Judges’ awards and Honorable Mentions do not count as a major award. Exception, If you have won a Best In Show you no longer qualify for the Novice category.
Journeymen- No more than three major awards won previously at a comparable-sized convention or larger for their costumes or performances. These include “Best” awards and placed (2nd or higher) awards. Judges’ awards and Honorable Mentions do not count as a major award. 
Master- Four or more major awards won previously at a comparable-sized convention or larger for their costumes or performances.
-Best Novice
-Best Journeyman
-Best Master
-Judges Awards
-Best Overall Craftsmanship 


AAC 2021 Cosplay Film Festival

We are excited to offer this new cosplay event and hope this brings the opportunity to many who wish to share their creativity with the convention. We will be posting a submission form mid Aug, but are posting the rules now so you can get to work. This event will be in lue of the performance of the Masquerade. 

  • Each group may only submit one entry. If we receive more entries in a category then we are able to show then we will have a pre con screening that the staff will review and pick the entries that will move on to be shown.
  • A brief description of your performance is required in the entree form.
  • Your submission should not exceed  2 min 30 sec  in length. 
  • We will have 2 showings of the entries with the audience being able to vote and pick a Fan Favorite Award. The winners will be shown Saturday evening with the Craftsmanship Fashion Show. 
  • The group leader must be registered to attend Another Anime Con 2021. Other members are encouraged to attend but it is not mandatory. 
We will not have the typical skill levels this year as adding this level of filming and editing is new. We will ask that you pick a category you wish to submit your work under. The staff reserves the right to move entries to a different category if we feel that it will do better in that category. 
The Categories are:
-Best in each category
-Judges Awards
-Best Overall 
Things the judges will be looking for will be the performance given, creativity and originality, and editing.
Entries will be submitted  by sending a private YouTube link. Because the audience will be voting as well we ask that you keep your video private till after the convention. If you have an issue with YouTube reach out and we will find an alternative form of submission for you. 
We will be taking submissions from Aug 15th - October 10th



If you are accepted into either event:

  • You will receive an email notification of your acceptance.
  • A follow up email will be sent with specifics such as entree numbers, judging time, judging locations, and other information you will need prior to the convention.
  • You are expected to respond and send in all needed information by the dates given.
  • Failure to meet these deadlines may result in removal from the competition and your spot will be filled from the waitlist.
  • On Saturday of the convention we unfortunately do not have the space to store sets and props backstage during the day.
  • At the competition itself we urged all people to please be careful of your surroundings on and off the stage. People have spent countless hours and money on their costumes and props.
  • AAC does not hold any responsibility if your prop or costume is damaged at the convention.