Welcome to Another Anime Convention’s Cosplay and Masquerade page.  Below are our numerous events planned this year and general information about Cosplay.

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a Japanese hobby of dressing up like Anime/Manga and Video Game characters. Although recently it has included many other media forms, such as movie and literature characters.  Cosplay has become a vastly spreading hobby here in the states. If you have ever been to a convention there is no doubt you have seen at least a hundred Ninjas running around. For those of you who have never attended a convention, you are in for a treat. We welcome and encourage all family friendly cosplay here at AAC. However please read the weapons policy before attending, we would hate to have to take away a prop you have been working on for a half year.

What is acceptable cosplay?

Here at AAC all pg-13 cosplay is acceptable cosplay. Hall cosplay can include whatever your heart desires, Harry Potter, Avatar, even Internet Memes.  We would also ask that you keep costumes hall friendly, as our convention space is limited.

Photo shoots/Gathering

As of the moment we do not have a designated photo shoot/gathering area.  We ask that all gathering keep other attendees in mind, please do not block hallways, doors, stairwells, or elevators.  Staff members may ask you to move your gathering, please do so without controversy.

Cosplay Events

Come participate in some of our official Cosplay Events!