AAC's Convention Rules and Policies are currently being reviewed and updated for 2024. An announcement will be made once we have finalized the updates.


General Rules

  • Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting in aisles and seating beyond the room's capacity are not allowed, and we are bound by law to strictly enforce this. 
  • Please remember talking during videos is disruptive to other attendees and save your comments for outside. Please also turn off the sounds on your cell phone and any other noisy devices.
  • Another Anime Convention reserves the right to refuse admission to function rooms to those under 18 during videos and panels with adult content.
  • Panhandling (begging for money, with or without performing music or other entertainment) is against local bylaws and will not be allowed in convention space.
  • Laser pointers are not harmless toys; they are capable of inflicting serious eye damage. Irresponsible use of a laser pointer will result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.
  • Water guns and projectiles are not allowed in convention space, any use of them in public will result in loss of membership and removal from the convention. All involved parties will be required to pay the cost of any property damages suffered by individuals, dealers or the hotel. Also, Another Anime Convention has a weapons policy so please make sure any props you have conform to this.
  • Failure to follow the rules may result in loss of badge and expulsion from the convention. Another Anime Convention reserves the right to remove anyone in violation of these rules. No refunds will be given to anyone removed from the convention. And anyone we need to eject will also have their name reported to the hotel and they may determine if you will be allowed to stay on the premises.
  • Any photos and video taken by Another Anime Convention staff become property of the con and may be used for publicity purposes.
  • Regardless of fandoms please treat each other with respect, we are all here to enjoy ourselves.
  • Have fun, enjoy yourself, be courteous to hotel staff and fellow attendees but please remember, the impression you make reflects on all of us.

General Hotel Information

  • A credit card number is required to confirm a reservation. The hotel also has a policy of 21+ to rent a hotel room. The person who reserved the room must be present through the reservation.
  • Please no dancing, jumping or pushing all of the buttons in the elevators.
  • Please remember to use your indoor voices when in the hotel, please no yelling or screeching.
  • Remember to tip your maid if your in a hotel room, not only is it polite but it's common practice to tip.
  • There is no hotel party block/quiet block.

Hotel Rooms

Appropriate action will be taken in the case of attendees who are found to be in violation of hotel rules for use of guest rooms. Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceeding the maximum occupancy per hotel room. Hotel management has the right to evict anyone who is not registered with them as a guest from guest rooms.
  • Charging admission to a room party serving alcohol without a liquor license or serving alcohol to minors. If this is found to have happened, legal action will be taken.
  • Allowing minors to consume alcohol in your hotel room.
  • Selling merchandise out of private hotel rooms.
  • Engaging in any other behavior that is illegal or disruptive. This will result in loss of convention membership and possible legal action by the hotel.
  • Remember that there are others in the hotel, please try to keep reasonable voices at night in your room.


Another Anime Convention does not have an issue with signs unless they:

  • Signs that advertise services in exchange for goods or other favors (ie Will Glomp for Pocky, Hugs for $1) may be against local soliciting and/or panhandling bylaws and will not be allowed.
  • Signs with slogans that would be unacceptable on a t-shirt are also unacceptable.
  • Signs that outwardly insult another convention attendee, staff member or guest.
  • Signs that are of political nature that have no bearing on the anime convention.
  • We have the right to ask you to put signs away if security finds them inappropriate.



The Masquerade

  • Flash photography is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.
  • Non-flash Photography of the Masquerade is allowed ONLY where it does not obstruct others' view of the stage.
  • A designated filming area will be set up for taping of the Masquerade. Numbers will be strictly limited due to space. Media Representative will be given preference, please contact the Photography Dept for access. Any space left over may be made available to general attendees on a first come, first served basis at the beginning of the Masquerade. Because of the demand, we cannot guarantee anyone a space ahead of time.

Other Events

  • Photography of all other aspects of the con is allowed, as long as it does not disrupt events or the flow of traffic and the subject does not object. Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, con staff, other attendees or the general public.

The Media

  • Please be aware as an attendee of Another Anime Convention that media representatives will be present at the con and may be filming at any time.


  • Another Anime Convention is a non-smoking convention. Smoking is prohibited except where venue policy permits.

Children (under the age of 12)

  • A parent or guardian must accompany children under 12 at all times. Parents and guardians are responsible for the well-being and behavior of all children in their care.

Alcohol, Drugs, Theft, Vandalism

  • Violators WILL be prosecuted. We are a family friendly convention and WILL NOT tolerate any illegal alcohol or drug use, sales or possession. You will lose your convention badge, we will inform the hotel and the authorities will be called.
  • Theft and Vandalism should be reported promptly to the Security HQ.


  • There will be Mobility Access seating in the main function rooms, as well as Front of the Line and/or Early Entrance privileges when appropriate.
  • To help us better provide this service, we ask that those with Mobility/Access needs to inform the registration desk so that we inform our staff and ensure that you are allowed early access and front row seating when/where applicable.

Name Badges

  • Your name badge is proof of your membership and must be worn at all times to guarantee admission to con events. Lost badges should be reported promptly to the Registration.
  • Lost/Stolen badges will not replaced
  • Please make sure your badge is on and visible at all times.

Convention Security

  • Security staff will be wearing distinctive badges and red T-shirts. If you need any assistance just ask, if you see any problems, report it promptly. If you can not find security, any Staff member will be able to help you, regular staff members will have a yellow t-shirt on.

Panel Rooms

  • Restricted admission if we reach fire code.
  • No food or drink near the tech equipment. 
  • If you willfully damage the tech equipmemnt you will be held responsible for repairs or replacement.

Dealers Room

  • Restricted admission if we reach fire code.
  • Early entry for those for with Mobility/Access memberships
  • Listen to dealers room staff for any announcemnets and other measures necessary to ensure safety.
  • Note that Weapons/Props with metal blades may be for sale in the Dealer's Room. These items are for sale under strict guidelines - namely once sold they are provided to the customer in a sealed box which is not to be opened or the weapon displayed in general convention areas. Doing so may result in badge confiscation and the attendee having to leave the convention.


Glomping (aggressive hugging, often without warning) can be disruptive and even cause harm to unsuspecting targets or bystanders being jostled in a crowded space. Please do not Glomp or hug anyone without asking permission/consent first. Repeated problems may be considered disruptive behavior and result in warnings and loss of convention membership. Also please keep safety in mind and do not glomp someone from behind.

Dress Code

The AAC Dress Code Policy covers the Convention Venues. All attendees must wear clothing and footwear at ALL times, even when you're in costume. The following costume elements are not allowed at AAC and the venue because of safety reasons, whether you are in costume or not:

  • Bare Feet
  • Stilts (wooden and metal)
  • Roller Skates and rollerblades
  • Skateboards
  • Please look at our Weapon and Prop Policy on what weapons are allowed in the convention.


Wear a comfortable costume of your favorite anime or manga character, or make one of your own. Don't forget to read the Weapons Policy if you will have a weapon as part of your costume.

  • Be aware that not everybody (includes parents, hotel staff, convention crew, and local law enforcement) are anime and manga fans, so they may question if your costume is appropriate. AAC is a family friendly convention, so parents with young children will be present.
  • Real weapons are NOT allowed as part of your costume.
  • Nudity and body paint are NOT costumes. Neither is just underwear.
  • Body suits are allowed.
  • AAC does not hold any responsibility if your prop or costume is damaged at the convention.
  • The skimpier costumes must follow hotel rules: Nipples and genitalia must be fully covered. The butt must be covered from the top of the intergluteal cleft (butt crack) to 2 inches bellow bottom of the cheek. The full curvature must be covered.
  • The restaurants and dining areas in the area (including the hotel) all have their own dress codes as well. Shirts, shoes, and pants must be worn in all areas food is served.
  • If you're asked to cover up by AAC staff, Hotel Security, or local law enforcement please comply.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in venues. No bare feet.
  • Masks should be worn ONLY in the Convention Venues.
  • Cosplay is not consent.