Tabletop Game Room at AAC

Our Tabletop Game Room is the perfect place for game enthusiasts! Decked out in cozy seating and a nice vibe, it's ideal for spending a few hours playing board games, card games or bringing your own favorites. With plenty of seating, you can invite your friends or find new ones. The room is equipped with all the essential gaming supplies.

Come visit us in Carlisle, located by the food concessions and play a game with friends or join one of our scheduled game sessions!

Room Hours
Friday: 11am-4pm (dinner break)  8pm-11pm
Saturday- 11am-4pm (dinner break) 8pm-11pm
Scheduled Games
All Weekend Any Time AAC Boardgame Blitz
Friday 8pm BINGO!
Friday 10pm Cards Against Humanity Gathering
Saturday 12pm Cribbage Tournament
Saturday 2pm UNO Tournament
Saturday 8pm BINGO!
Saturday 10pm Betrayel at the House on The Hill
Sunday 10am Ticket to Ride
Sunday 12pm Firefly the Boardgame
AAC Board Game Blitz
For the first time ever AAC will be hosting the ‘AAC Board game Blitz’. To encourage our convention attendees who enjoy boardgames amongst friends, the board game blitz is a no-elimination, multi-round, board game tournament that features player driven game selection. Anyone can participate with winners being chosen daily and one weekend champion who gets the most points over the course of the 3 day convention. Come to the boardgame room for more info and let the games begin!
Library of Games
Blokus Game
Disney Codenames
Dungeon of Fortune
Dungeons & Dragons- Scandels
Dungeons & Dragons- Water Deep
Fish or Cut Bait
Forbidden Island
Forbidden Island Desert
Harry Potter
Heroes of Metro City
Hex Hex XL
Marvel Zombies
Murder of Crows
Rising Sun
Sheep in disguise
Starship Samurai
Sushi Go Party
Tentacle Town
The Fox in the Forest Duet
The Hunger Games
Ticket to Ride
More to come!