Want to participate in this year’s cosplay events? Sign ups are up for the following:

Cosplay Dating Game
18+ Cosplay Dating Game
Cosplay Chess (Destroy versus Rescue)
Cosplay Death Match

Signs ups close on Friday, November 2

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Interested in running a panel or event at this years π€π§π¨π­π‘πžπ« π€π§π’π¦πž π‚π¨π§π―πžπ§π­π’π¨π§?

Panel submission forms are now π’ͺ𝒫𝐸𝒩!
Learn more ⇨ https://panels.anotheranimecon.com


[GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT] Attending AAC for the first time, please give a warm welcome to Chuck Huber!

Anime fans likely know Chuck Huber from roles such as Hiei in YuYu Hakusho, Stein in Soul Eater, but he’s been in some of the best and most famous anime you know. Chuck’s most recent anime roles are Reever in D-Gray Man Hallow, Austria in Hetalia, Jajuka in Escaflowne, Petra’s Father in Attack on Titan, and Emperor Pilaf in the DBZ movies and upcoming DBZ Super.

Check out our full lineup of our guests on our Guests page!

Online Registration is now OPEN!

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Note: Both badge types have a cap. We will keep attendees informed as those caps near their limits


Hotels are now available as well! Click here to book your room!

Another Anime Convention 2018 will be back on a new weekend and location! Our temporary home for this year is the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, New Hampshire on November 16-18. Unfortunately, we were not informed of the need for a new location until December. We spent a lot of time contacting and visiting several locations, but many great places had contracted events already on their calendars. We finally found a location at the Crowne Plaza. It’s a small place, but beautiful. However the size does require we have an attendance cap this year and a higher badge price. (This price is only for this year, we will be back to our regular price and bigger size in 2019) This is not something we wanted to do, but it is the only way to cover our budgetary needs. In response we are fine tuning our convention this year to ensure the experience is worth the extra cost. The smaller venue allows for a more personal touch, and we are brainstorming ways to do that.

Ticket Prices

Online tickets sales will open soon.

3-day pre-registration badge- $75
3-day VIP badge- $100 (perks TBA)

Hotel Rooms

Once we have a room block established we will announce the price and how to book.

Artist & Vendors
At this time we don’t have information for artists and vendors, but any concerns or questions can be answered by our dealers room coordinator, Carol Pandolph. (artists@anotheranimecon.com)

We are still working out a lot of details, so please be patient with us as we focus on making this year something we can all enjoy!

-Another Anime Convention