2023 Photography Events

 BRAND NEW: Introducing our 1st Annual Cosplay Photography Contest and Photoshoot Scheduling!


Annual Photo Contest
Come one and all and enjoy a seat behind the camera as we present the first annual AAC Photography Contest! Cosplay photographers have sent in their best to share their craft and in the process, gain more acknowledgement and praise for their hard work and artistry. A musical picture slideshow, con-goers can admire pieces and vote for their favorite photo. Categories being judged upon are as follows: Best Overall, Best Edit, Best Scenery, Best Couple, Best Close Up, Best Lighting, Best Prop, Fan Favorite, and Staff Favorite.
Photoghraphy Contest Screening Friday at 2pm in Concord
AAC Cosplay Group Photoshoots
Take a look at the photo groups schedule we have to offer. No photographer needed (our staff has it covered) .
2:30pm Cowboy Bebop (event page)
3:00pm Genshin Impact
3:30pm Jujutsu Kaisen
10:00am  Genshin Impact (event page)
10:30am  Disney/Kingdom Hearts/ FF
11:30am  Project Sekai (event page)
12:00pm  Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (event page)
12:30pm  Disney/Star Wars/ Marvel (event page)
1:00pm  One Piece (event page)
1:30pm  Fire Emblem (event page)
3:00pm  Bungo Stray Dogs (event page)
3:30 My Hero Academia (event page)
4:00pm  Spy X Family (event page)
4:40pm  Danmei: A genre with many stories (event page)
12:00pm  Black Butler
12:30pm  Jujutsu Kaisen
1:00pm  Sailor Moon (event page)
1:30pm  Haikyuu!! (event page)
2:00pm  Chainsaw Man