For Panelists:

  • When running your panel, make sure there is absolutely no food or liquid near the tech equipment.
  • If you need an Adapter, please ask ConOPs. Adapters have limited availability! If you have an adapter for your device, please bring it with you.
  • If you need to move any tech equipment for your panel, please ask our staff, and if possible request ahead of time when submitting your panel so we can do this for you ahead of time. Panelists are not allowed to move tech equipment.

When submitting your panel please make sure you add any additional requests on top of what we already provide for each panel room. If you have a technical question please e-mail: .

Standard equipment for all panel rooms:

  • Three Wired Desktop Microphones
  • A Projector and Projector Screen with VGA and HDMI inputs
  • Two Speakers
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable for Sound

Additional resources are available by request, and subject to limited availability:

  • Video adapter for USB-C, Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, Mini HDMI, and Lightning. If you own an adapter to convert your device's output to HDMI or VGA, please bring it with you!
  • DVD Player

Is There wifi/internet at the convention? While some of the panel rooms had access to WiFi in the convention center in previous years, do not plan on having a internet connection in the panel rooms for your panels. If you have a Cellular internet access device such as a MiFi or phone capable of tethering, coverage is decent in the event rooms.

Do you have any lights like they have in main events for my panel? Check back closer to the convention to see if we have any additional lighting. While we cannot guarantee additional lighting, you may put your request in when you submit your panel.

I need a laptop for my panel, can I request one? We can not provide a laptop/desktop at con. Please bring your own.

I Have an Apple Laptop/Device, how can I connect to get video? We have special adapters for Mac computers on site, please make sure to request this ahead of time in your panel submission. Again, subject to limited availability. If you own your own adaptor, please bring it with you to be safe.

Help! Something broke and my sound/video doesn't show up! Don't worry! We have panel tech staff on call if something happens. 

I have a question about panels, but it doesn't involve tech. If you have a panel question, contact Lisa Sussenberger –