Welcome to AAC 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Myths & Legents

This is our 10th year and for such an epic occasion it required an impressive theme., so welcome to the year of Myths and Legends! We hope you come and enjoy the weekend with us and share some of your favorite tales and heroes with us. See you in October!

L33tStr33t Boys

LeetStreet Boys will be performing their first live show in almost 3 years at Another Anime Con 2015. The group is most well-known for their 2008 hit single and music video “Yuri The Only One,” went on to record 3 albums, LeetStreet Boy, Otaku Hearts and L3g3nds, and perform the OP for the dating sim Roommates. LeetStreet Boys announced an official hiatus in 2014, and this will be their first live show since the hiatus, as well as their currently only confirmed performance anywhere in 2015.


Pre-registration for Another Anime Convention 2015 is now open. Please check out the registration page for more information.