The status of the Masquerade for 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hello from your Masquerade Coordinators.

We are sorry about the long silence and know people have been waiting on word for this years event. Due to the limits on space this year we have been told there won’t be a stage large enough to accommodate a performance event. So it is with great sadness that we will not be having a full performance Masquerade in 2018. We are planing on having a space to accommodate next year. This year we will be offering a Craftsmanship contest with advance signups as well as at con sign up. There will be a “comic con” style presentation of the costumes as well as a space for people who just wish to walk the stage to show their costumes without judging. We apologize for this shift, we are disappointed too. We are planing to bring back a full Masquerade in 2019, and hope you will join us once again.