Cosplay the Gathering: A Live Cosplayer Card Game!

Trying something different this year, we are going to try to make a convention based Magic the Gathering game! Calling all cosplayers to participate in a duel of the planes walkers (aka two con-goers) to settle there difference yugioh duel style. Get ready for the fun and excitement! This year’s theme for the match is

‘Law vs Chaos’

How does this work?

For those of you who have not played Magic the Gathering, participants will be playing the rolls of creature cards, sorcery cards and instant cards that will be played by the players. Depending on applicants those who do apply may be very busy as you can be used over, and over, and over because if theres a card for you theres a roll for you!

Deadline for entrants is Friday September 30th, 2015

CTG Rules

1. Entries can be from any source (manga, video games, comics and so on). You can enter multiple costumes to this event but only one will be chosen.

2. All costumes and weapons must abide by the con rules and policies.

3. All participants MUST attend a Convention the Gathering (CTG) meeting before the match. This is to help with the flow of the game. It is a new game so it is important to make sure everyone has a good idea what they will need to be doing in order for everything to run smooth.

How to Apply:

Send an e-mail with the subject “Cosplay the Gathering Application” to: j_ferro33 [AT] with the following information:

Real Name:


Character Name:

Originating Series:

Desired Team:

Do you have a special attack? Please describe it… if it involves other people I will need to know there names and what they will be doing. They may also get there own cards to help you out!

Do you have any prior cosplay or acting experience?

Please Provide a link or attachment with images of your costume with you wearing it. The costume must be COMPLETED!

Describe your character, what they do, how they act or if they have special powers or abilities.