The following weapons/props are NOT allowed at Another Anime Convention:

Any form of Live Steel. This represents swords, knives, bayonets, shuriken, star knives, and any other object made of metal that could hold an edge, regardless of whether it is sharp. Sheathed steel weapons are still considered live steel.

Any form of firearm with moving parts. This includes air soft guns, pellet guns, water guns, BB guns, dart guns, blow guns, crossbows, water pistols. Exceptions to this rule are obvious prop weaponry that contain no moving parts and are marked with an irremovable orange tip, allowing them to easily be recognized as toys.

No explosives of any kind.

Nunchaku are not allowed.

The following weapons/props ARE allowed at Another Anime Convention:

Fake or prop weaponry. These can be made of tissue paper, plaster of Paris, cardboard, plastic swords, wood, etc. as long as they pose no danger to you and other convention attendees. (No trailing wires, items that could trip yourself and others, etc)
Staves, bo sticks, shinai, boken, and other wooden swords and staffs.


Weapons Conduct

Any misuse of a weapon (swinging it around in a public area, causing a hazard to others) will result is Security staff requiring you to remove the weapon from the convention area.

If a weapon that does not meet acceptable convention policy is purchased in the dealers room, it must be boxed and remove from the convention area immediately.

All weapons and props that may be deemed dangerous or inappropriate must be taken to the convention Security Office and be inspected by the Security Staff. Approved weaponry will be marked by the Security Staff. If a weapon or is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to remove it from the convention area or it will be taken by Security staff and held in the Security Office until a time when you can remove it from the convention area. If you are found carrying a questionable item, Convention Security Staff will ask you to bring it to the Security office for inspection.

If you are unsure if your prop/weapon is allowed, please bring it to the convention Security office for approval. The Another Anime Convention Security staff cannot pre-approved weapons and/or props.

The Security Staff will deal with repeat offenders accordingly, up to and including possible ejection from the convention without a refund. The appropriate authorities will be contacted for more severe infractions.

All decisions made by Another Anime Convention and its Security staff are final. If You have a question about your weapon/prop following the guild lines, feel free to email our security,