Please read the guidelines before volunteering.

After you finish registering and have your badge for your convention stay, contact Eric, (who will be all around the con) or his assistants, (they can be found at the Info desk/Registration tables) and sign up for however many hours you would like to contribute to the con. The more hours you contribute, the better your rewards will be!

Hours may be split between all the days of the con, although it looks like we’ll need the most help on Saturday so we encourage you to check your Saturday schedule. Volunteering hours begin Friday at 8am and end Sunday at 6pm. You may cosplay during your volunteer time, provided your cosplay falls within con guidelines (remember, you are still part of the con when you volunteer, so keep everything tasteful and appropriate!).

We have two levels of volunteering, Adult and Junior, so you can help out no matter how old or young you are. Some examples of volunteering are…

  • Working on Registration
  • Help Badge checking
  • Passing out Tokens
  • Patrolling with Security
  • And much more!

Volunteer Perks

Adult Volunteers (17+):

  • 4 Hours – Grab Bag
  • 6 Hours – Grab Bag, Green Room Access
  • 8 Hours – Grab Bag, Green Room, Choose 1: Crash space Fri/Crash Space Sat/T-Shirt
  • 10 Hours – Grab Bag, Green Room, Choose 2: Crash Space Fri/Crash Space Sat/Free Admission for next year/T-Shirt
  • 12 Hours – Grab Bag, Green Room, Choose 3: Crash Space Fri/Crash Space Sat/Free Admission for next year/T-Shirt
  • 14+ Hours – Everything

Junior Volunteers (16 & under):

  • 4 hours – Grab Bag
  • 6 hours – Grab Bag,
  • 8 hours – Grab Bag, T-Shirt
  • 10 hours – Grab Bag, T-shirt, free registration next year


Additional Information

Volunteers on duty will wear orange pinneys or volunteer sashes they must be worn at all times! Pinneys will be turned in at the Information Desk when you go off duty. Be sure to log your hours worked with the Volunteer Department Staff member at the Information Desk. If your hours are not logged, you will not get credit for them. Please don’t sign in or out on your own! You must have Eric, or another staff member sign you in/out!

Green Room

For the Green room you must sign out a ‘Green Room Pass’ in order to eat. Make sure to sign out before you head to the Green Room! Passes can be found at the Volunteer table. You will be turned away if you do not have a pass; there are four passes to sign out at a time.

Crash Space:

Crash space is available to adult volunteers, (17+) on a first-come, first-served basis. The crash space rooms are only available on Friday night and Saturday night. Volunteers who come on Thursday must have their own accommodations; we do not provide crash space for Thursday or Sunday. Junior volunteers must have their own accommodations with a parent or other adult.

Volunteers are eligible for crash space after signing up for a certain number of hours of volunteer time over the weekend. If you sign up for eight hours over the weekend, you become eligible to use crash space one night, either Friday or Saturday. If you sign up for ten hours over the weekend, you become eligible to use crash space for both nights. Please be friendly when sharing the space!

YOU MUST DO FOUR OR MORE OF YOUR HOURS BEFORE USING CRASH SPACE. For example, if you come on Friday, sign up for eight hours of volunteer time, and do four of those hours during Friday, you can crash with us Friday night. However if you only do three of those hours, you will need your own accommodations Friday, but if you do at least one additional hour on Saturday, you may use crash space Saturday night. You could then complete your other hours Saturday or Sunday morning.

If you wish to use Crash Space you can sign out a Room Key by leaving a Valid ID with me in the sign out box. You get your ID back after you return the key card. Valid IDs are: High school/College/Army/Work/Driver’s License ID. Rooms will be separate for male and female volunteers.  First come first serve! There will be three key cards available to check out for each room.

Time Cards:
Due to some circumstances I now have time cards to give to you all! Time cards will be used when for example I give you a duty, (say helping with registration) and a staff member asks for your help, you may leave your spot and help the staff member. The catch is the staff member MUST sign the card with the times you’ve help! If you don’t get the card signed, then I can’t give you the hours. Most of the time though I’ll be the one signing your card.

Panels and Volunteering:

As stated above, running a panel counts as volunteer time, however panelists are not automatically volunteers, since the sign-up process is different. The panel submissions are separate from, and due far earlier in the year, than volunteer sign ups, so please be sure to check the panel submission guidelines on the AAC site/forum. The panel must take place in order to get volunteer hour credit; if for some reason your panel does not happen, we cannot use that as volunteer time.

How it works: You sign up to run your panel early in the year. When you get to AAC, you can also sign up to be a volunteer, and the panels that you are already running will count towards your volunteer time. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Volunteer Department, not the Panel or Programming Department.

Please note that volunteers are not allowed to touch the Tech Equipment, we understand you want to help but cables must be treated in a certain manner or they break.


Volunteers are eligible for awards in the Masquerade, as per the Masq Coordinator. This is because you are not considered a part of the staff for the duration of the weekend. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Volunteer Department, not the Masquerade or Programming Department.


Before the con, the best way to get in touch is email,